2017 Design Award

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity House (FIGI) Bloomington, Indiana
Honor Award

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Architect:  Cunningham + Associates, Architects
General Contractor:  Shiel Sexton
Photographer:  Steven Risting

This building is built on University land, and within a historical register neighborhood.

We have unique living arrangements for the 124 residents based on chapter history.  Freshmen live in an upscale bunk room with sleeping berths designed to provide privacy and fire safety.  Each berth has fire sprinkler protection above and below the sleeping platform, appropriate power, lighting & air circulation.  They were originally developed to prevent students from building their own sleeping enclosures, which are major fire hazards.  Sophomores live in 8-bed pods, juniors live in 4-bed suites and seniors have private rooms.

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The academically powerful chapter is provided with multiple study rooms with state-of-the-art electronics, and a state-of-the-art training room for their Little-500 bicycle racing team. But it also has a 4000 SF Activity (party) Room located in the basement to minimize neighborhood noise.  Entry control points are provided at the Activity Room to prevent events from spilling into public R.O.W.'s.  Fraternities are notably hard on buildings.  For the benefit of the Chapter, the neighboring properties, the University and the community in general, this building is designed specifically to avoid the damage that commonly causes deterioration of this building type.  The Activity room is designed to be indestructible and includes all facilities needed for a large event with no reason for a guest to enter the main house unescorted.  The concept is to isolate the damage to spaces that cannot be seen from off-site, and to protect the neighborhood from rowdy events.  Anyone who has lived near a fraternity house will understand the significance of this "societal feature."

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