2015 Design Award

Unlimited Opportunities, Inc., Boonville, Missouri
Merit Award with Societal Advancement Citation

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Architect:  nForm Architecture LLC
General Contractor:  Septagon Construction Company
Photographer:  Architectural Imageworks LLC

The mission of Unlimited Opportunities, Inc. is to offer employment opportunities, education and care to clients with disabilities.  Sited on a local highway, the facility’s design responds to the existing site which is deep and narrow.  Because of the site’s shape, the building is developed as a linear bar with programmatic elements placed in logical sequence allowing for efficient interaction between the various components of the facility’s operations.

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Because the retail component requires the most highway visibility to attract customers, the entrance and signage for Savvy Seconds faces the highway.  Due to the western sun exposure, the glazing area on this façade was reduced, but expanded along the north side to allow indirect natural lighting.

Adjacent to Savvy Seconds is the administration and classroom wing.  This location makes it the “heart” of the campus and is shielded from the highway by the retail component.  The administrative offices and classrooms are positioned along the axis of the linear bar, providing many opportunities for daylighting and views to the north and south of the site.

Lastly, the recycling center is located at the backside of the campus and the design incorporates a bypass traffic loop around the campus to allow dedicated access to this portion of the facility and its operations.

Integrated into the facility design are several sustainable features including:  the incorporation of recycled materials, low-flow plumbing fixtures, native plants to eliminate the need for irrigation as well as infrastructure to allow for future installation of solar panels.

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