2015 Design Award

Johnston Hall Renovation, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
Merit Award with Historic Preservation Citation

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Architect:  International Architects Atelier
General Contractor:  K&S Associates
Photographer:  Farshid Assassi

Our team designed the renovation of Johnston Hall (1963), one of the University of Missouri’s oldest and most popular residence halls.  Included in the scope of work was a complete building systems upgrade, plan modifications to better suit student community functions, fully reimagined finishes, a new dining facility, and a new courtyard unifying the hall with a neighboring one.

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The updated floor plans better suit the University’s ‘Living-Learning’ program with increased common living space, including computer labs, lounges, and study halls.  Ultimately, the university wanted a modern, hip space where students were encouraged to, and excited about, socializing and interacting with neighbors.

For the dwelling units, the traditional double-room layout was largely maintained - a practical approach that allowed all HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and IT infrastructure to be upgraded to suit new efficiency standards and technology requirements.  As residents come and go they enjoy a redesigned courtyard featuring a custom, steel canopy, reminiscent of lush tree branches overhead.

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Lastly, extensive masonry restoration was necessary after field investigations and exploratory demolition revealed widespread deterioration of steel anchors, supports, and structure holding quoins, bands, lintels, entries and chimneys.  All stones were removed and catalogued, and supports repaired.  The building was raked and pointed fully with historic mortar.  Damaged stones were replaced or repaired, and great care was taken in achieving aesthetic uniformity with new ones.

Students now come home to a storied, yet fresh and modern home where they can live, learn and socialize.

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